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Developing cutting edge verification framework technologies and design methodologies and automatic test generation techniques created Perfectus Technology, Inc.. By leveraging over several hundred man-years of development effort that this technology represents, Perfectus is well positioned to bring superior design and verification solutions to market very quickly. With corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, CA and design centers in Bangalore, & Bhubaneswar, India, Perfectus brings together a global team with strong expertise in design, verification, backend, board design, firmware and software to deliver high quality product development solutions.


Perfectus is empowering the chip design industry by providing design & verification solutions for high-speed serial communications. Perfectus products accelerate the chip design & verification cycle with higher reliability and lower risk and cost.


Imagine designing and verifying a chip without writing tests and developing the core logic. All you have to do is to specify the product and let Perfectus perform the job of building the chip & do verification on the chip. You imagine and let Perfectus design, verify and deliver you the product.

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