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  • Perfectus announces the availability of evaluation licenses for USB 3.0 and ONFi Verification IPs.
  • World’s largest USB Hub manufacturer selects Genie-SSU (Superspeed USB 3.0) Verification IP for its USB products verification.
  • Perfectus releases System Verilog based PCI-express 2.0 Verification IP.
  • Honeywell selects Genie-FC and Genie-SATA VIPs for its product verification.
  • Perfectus announces availability of SMBUS and System Verilog based USB 2.0 Verification IPs.
  • Perfectus Genie-SSU (Superspeed USB 3.0) Verification IP helps Gennum in accelerating the design cycle.
  • Perfectus announces industry's first System Verilog based OVM tested ONFi verification IP for ONFi 2.1 Specification
  • Perfectus releases industry's first System Verilog based OVM Compliant USB verification IP for USB 3.0
  • Perfectus announces availability of AMBA AXI, AHB and APB verification IP
  • World's largest storage company relies on Perfectus SAS and SATA verification IP for verification of its Storage controller products.
  • Perfectus releases Assure-US SystemVerilog Assertion suites for many protocols.
  • Agilent uses Genie-SAS and SATA verification engines and compliance suite for verification of their SATA and SAS products.
  • Perfectus' Genie SAS Verification Suite Added to Data Transit's PacketMaker.
  • Marvell adopts Genie SAS & Genie SATA for verification of their next generation Storage products.
  • Broadcom used Genie SAS for verification of their SAS RAID controller product.
  • SAS Verification IP released.
  • Panasonic has delivered a SATA chip using Genie-SATA as a verification engine.
  • Fibre channel Verification IP has found many bugs.
  • Sierra Logic selects Perfectus FC verification IP for its Fibre switch verification


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