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SOC & ASIC Concept to Product

Perfectus offers full-service support for SOC and ASIC designs, from customer’s specification to GDSII with full verification. With ever-increasing emphasis on faster, better quality and lower cost in today's multi-million gate complex SOC and ASIC designs, Perfectus provides service expertise in numerous areas to convert design specifications to working silicon in short time.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Design Verification
  • Design Methodology & Flow
  • Physical Design & Verification
  • Circuit Design
  • DFT Architecture and Design

Our Architecture and Design services include:

  • Architectural specification & Modelling
  • Micro-architecture design
  • RTL coding
  • Design Partitioning and implementation
  • Model Development for simulation
  • Synthesis and chip integration
  • Formal verification
  • Static-timing analysis
  • Static-timing analysis

Design Verification :

  • Test plan development
  • Verification, Test & Regression environment setup
  • Directed test generation
  • Directed and focused Random test generation
  • Model Development for simulation
  • Functional & Code Coverage Analysis
  • Gate Level Verification with and without timing
  • Test Vector Generation

Design Methodology & Flow :

  • Design Methodology Consulting
  • EDA Tools Flow Setup
  • SoC Design Flow setup
  • IP Vendor Qualification

Physical Design & Verification :

  • Physical synthesis
  • Hierarchical floor planning and design partitioning
  • Directed test generation
  • Place & Route
  • Physical optimization and timing closure
  • Signal and power integrity assurance
  • Physical verification (Parasitic Extraction, Post-Layout Timing Verification)

Circuit Design :

  • Custom Circuit Design
  • Schematic Entry & Circuit verification
  • Cell Layout Design and Layout Verification
  • Characterization


  • Design for Testability
  • Integration of Scan and BIST
  • Test vector integration and management
  • Chip-level test vector derivation
  • Scan - Full, partial and boundary
  • Logic and memory BIST
  • Automated test pattern generation
  • Fault grading of functional vectors
  • JTAG
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