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FBDIMM Controller Core

FBDIMM controller interfaces with the fully compatible with FBDIMM compliant DIMM’s, which are designed for applications that require higher data, transfer, bandwidth and a scalable memory capacity. These high performance memory modules are targeted for use in servers, workstations and graphics applications as it virtually eliminates traditional stub bus density/speed limitations. Perfectus FBDIMM controller along with the FBDIMM memory can deliver up to 3x higher memory bandwidth and up to 4X higher capacity over previous generation controllers with DDR2 memory.


  • Compliant with the FBDIMM Architecture and Protocol (Rev 0.1a)
  • Supports DDR2 memories up to DDR2-800.
  • Can support peak Bandwidth of 12.8 GB/s
  • Capacity to handle 2 FBDIMM Channels (8 AMB per channel and 128Gb/s of memory), which can be upgraded to 4 channels.
  • Dynamic scheduling and Interleaving of commands to optimize bandwidth and latency.
  • Supports memory sparing and mirroring across two channels.

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