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Genie-ONFi (Open NAND Flash Interface)


Genie ONFi Verification IP is based on OVM 2.0 and fully compliant to ONFi 2.1 Revision specifications. It is a complete verification suite that helps designers to verify a NAND Flash Device. The VIP can behave as an ONFi Host and Transfer Command, Address and Data to NAND Flash Device according to the configuration.

Genie-Interface-Inspector generates reports which are Functional coverage report which helps to identify which functionality has been tested, Error Inspection report which specifies the errors that were tested and errors that were not tested, Protocol inspection report which shows ONFI 2.1 standard compliance, and Features coverage report which shows the percentage of features covered. The ONFi Interface Inspector monitors data transfer between ONFi Host & NAND Flash Device.

Genie PCIe


  • Fully compliant to the ONFi 2.1
  • Based on OVM 2.0
  • Supports Interleaving READ Command Operations
  • Supports Partial Page Program Operations
  • Supports Multiple LUN Operations
  • Supports Source Synchronous & Asynchronous Mode of operations for individual Target Flash with all timing modes
  • Supports up to 4 Target NAND Flash Device with unlimited LOGICAL UNIT, BLOCK & PAGE
  • Supports parallel command operation on dual bus.
  • Supports 16 bit bus width operations
  • Supports Interleaving Command operations
  • Supports Clock stop feature during Source Synchronous mode of operations
  • Device Defective Operation sequence for each Target NAND Flash Device
  • Supports Data Pause between Read/Program Operations
  • Supports Small Data Move command Operations
  • Supports Change ROW Address Command Operations
  • Ability to generate Vendor Specific Commands
  • Automatic/Device/User Configured Timing & feature Parameters for each Target Flash Device
  • APIs to generate User Configurable Transactions, to generate User Configurable Set of Transactions to cover large area of Device, to generate User Configurable Error Transactions
  • Test Suite covers all type of functional scenarios, all Error scenarios
  • Functional Coverage Report for all attached Target NAND Flash device

Product Components

  • Genie-ONFi Host BFM
  • Genie-ONFi Compliance test suite
  • Interface Inspector
  • Rich sequence library


  • OVM 2.0 based System Verilog source code
  • TLM Based Architecture of BFM & Test bench
  • APIs to automate transactions.
  • OVM Test Sequence for testcase
  • Run Time Configurable Parameters of all Features & Timing Mode
  • Error Injections any where in transaction
  • Test suite available for all type of transactions
  • Functional Coverage for all attached NAND Flash Target Device.
  • Detailed log report for easier debug

For more information on each component and evaluation copy please email to: info@perfectus.com or sales@perfectus.com

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