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Genie-Ethernet VIP is an Open verification methodology (OVM) implementation of IEEE Standard 802.3



  • Compliant to IEEE Std 802.3™-2005 Specifications
  • Ethernet Verification IP supports MII, GMII interfaces
  • Ethernet Verification IP supports ports capable of Half Duplex mode or Full Duplex mode
  • Ethernet VIP supports the management interface for all supported interfaces. Station management registers can be accessed both via MDIO interface and through test interface
  • Ethernet BFM supports the frame types-MAC data
  • Ethernet BFM supports user-configurable MAC address
  • Simulates single Ethernet device or multiple Ethernet devices on a medium, generating and collecting Ethernet packets
  • Includes Ethernet protocol – based scenario generation
  • Simple yet extremely powerful test interface allows control over all aspects of Ethernet BFM behavior and promotes re-use of test code
  • Provision of extensive scenario generator library for user to develop advance scenarios for each type of Ethernet interface
  • Multiple test bench and language interface - Verilog, VHDL and System Verilog

Product Components

  • Ethernet Verification Engine
  • IEEE 802.3 Ethernet compliant Bus Functional Models
  • Directed & Random tests generator
  • Ethernet Compliance Test Suite
  • Assertions
  • Error injector
  • Report generator
  • Transaction generator
  • Ethernet Protocol Checker
  • Ethernet Protocol Monitor
  • Scoreboard

For more information on each component and evaluation copy please email to: info@perfectus.com or sales@perfectus.com

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