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Fibre Channel Verification IP

FC Verification Engine implements has the complete FCP2 stack (FC1 to FC4 layers) that can be used to drive FC Packets and respond to FC traffic with abstraction all the way up to the application layer. The Engine issues SCSI commands that are converted into FC frame sequences that are transmitted over the link. Various interfaces are supported at the PHY/Link level: 1-bit, 10-bit, 20-bit, 40-bit, or frame level. Thus, the stack can be used to test a HDL based design (signal/wire level) or a high-level architectural model of the design (frame level).



  • Complete Functional Verification Engine for test generation and FC protocol checking and monitoring
  • FC Compliance Suite (>200 tests) compatible with FC-0, FC-1, FC-2, and FC-4)
  • Verifies all protocol layers (FC-0, FC-1, FC-2, and FC-4 )
  • Directed and Randomized Test Generation
  • Directed and Randomized Error Injection capability
  • Callback functionality
  • Programmable parameters through Knobs
  • Support for Various Link Speeds (1G, 2G and 4G)
  • User configurable Test reports for logging events and transactions
  • Interoperable with various Verification Environments like NC-Sim, Specman, VERA, VCS, ModelSim etc
  • Selectable Pin Interface
  • Multiple Language Interface like Verilog, VHDL, C/C++, SystemC, ‘e’, VERA, SystemVerilog

Product Components

  • FC Verification Engine
  • FC Bus Functional Models
  • Directed & Random tests generator
  • FC SanMark Compliance Test Suite
  • FC SystemVerilog Assertions
  • Error injector
  • Report generator
  • FC Transaction generator
  • Protocol Checker
  • Protocol Monitor

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