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Genie-SPI 4.2


Genie-SPI 4.2 is a Verification IP solution for SPI 4.2 designs. Genie-SPI 4.2 is fully compliant to support both PHY and MAC (link) layers. The verification IP is configurable to ‘N’ channels, with user-defined or default port arbitration, skew/deskew, tests with ATM, PPP, Ethernet, and user-defined byte streams, which covers all aspects of verification.

Genie SPI 4.2


  • Conforms to Optical Internetworking Forum specification OIFSPI4-02.0 System Packet Interface Level 4 Phase 2 standard (SPI 4.2)
  • SPI 4.2 verification environment has configurable data path width (32 bits, 64 bits, 128 bits, etc)
  • SPI 4.2 bus functional models supports ‘N’ Asymmetric ports and calendar lengths up to 1024, allowing for uneven bandwidth allocation across channels
  • Flexible start of packet (SOP) alignment to a byte lane
  • FIFO buffer status management and indications
  • Run-time programmable calendar length, burst size, and threshold levels
  • SPI 4.2 verification IP is encompassed with Bus Arbitration Scheme with channel fairness - user programmable weighting and length
  • Error detection and handling
  • SPI 4.2 BFM supports dynamic bit de-skew over full frequency range
  • Configurable training patterns
  • Allows for per-port configurable maxburst values creating maximum flexibility

Product Components

  • SPI 4.2 protocol Verification Engine
  • SPI 4.2 compliant Bus Functional Models
  • Directed & Random tests generator
  • Compliance Test Suite
  • Assertions
  • Error injector
  • Report generator
  • Transaction generator
  • SPI 4.2 Protocol Checker
  • SPI 4.2 Protocol Monitor

For more information on each component and evaluation copy please email to: info@perfectus.com or sales@perfectus.com

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